Project Sprint 1

I started my project on Friday. This is after a conversation with my second assessor who suggested that I get the difficult stuff out of the way before my classes become as difficult. It’s a good this too because it too me forever to figure out what I was doing.

So I’ve re evaluating this sprint, everything is getting re-evaluated. I think I’m just going to multiply all my time estimates by three.


The original intention of this blog was to provide information on dyslexia in a very broad sense.

Due to lack of time and motivation this site went nowhere pretty quickly. So, I’m repurposing it to a somewhat more egocentric theme. It’s now going to serve as the main outlet for my own personal experience in higher education. In the hope that this blog will serve as more inspirational rather than educational.

As part of my final year project I’m going to be posting elements of my progress and other things on the site.

Also my thoughts solutions and ideas will hopefully find there way here too.