A new app.

There really will be an app for everything when I’m finished.
I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now because I’ve just written an app from start to finish in about 2 hours. The only reason it took that long was because I was chasing a phantom bug in the programming, I never did find it, nor was I able to recreate the problem.
Anyway I wrote this little app that I’ve called FlipCards. My son is learning to read and from time to time he comes home from school with a set of new words to learn. He loves to play with my iPhone so while he watched the last half of The Lion King this evening I whipped up an app for him with all of his words so far.
It’s not on the app store, for now I can’t be bothered to get it approved, it can be found here instead. I might expand on it some time in the future and then get it approved… we’ll see.

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I'm a student developer living in the UK. I'm on a 1 year placement and am due to finish the final semester of a Computer Games Programming degree in 2015.

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