Sprint 4 Demo and Reflection

Sprint 4 Demo and Reflection

Implementation of the wind grid went much smoother than I expected, the grid is simply an array of points and a wind force value, each frame the position of the ship is tracked through those points and the corresponding wind value is applied in a specified direction. Currently the wind force is set to a value that increases as the ship gets further away it’s an excellent proof of concept. With a little more work the colour values from a perlin noise image would replace the wind force values and create a much more realistic and dynamic game experience. Currently the array is 2D but would easily update to 3D.

Implementing the 3D perspective is still proving to be a challenge.  I’m going to do another sprint dedicated to it’s implementation.

What I would do differently?
Nothing. I’m happy with the use and result of this sprint.

What did I learn?
I’m putting the success of this sprint down to the design. The trouble I had implementing the gravity was likely the result of a lack of good design. With the wind implantation I had a good clear design.

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