I’m officially a degree student now.

I’ve completed my first semester and I must say, it’s good being on the degree course, even if it is all the hard classes. Let me explain.

Now that I’ve completed my HND, awarded with distinction I might add, I’m topping it up to a full blown bachelor’s, but in my HND I already took many of the modules, certainly many of the easier ones. So now on the top-up I’m enrolled in all the more difficult modules of the award, and all at the same time. As one lecturer somewhat apologetically put it, “The games top-up students either thrive or die within the first semester.”

So here I am, thriving I think. I’m one of only about 4 surviving games HND students and I’m just doing my best to keep up. I must be doing something right because so far it looks like I’m not going to have much, if any, work to do over the Christmas holiday. Just review for the exams.

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I'm a student developer living in the UK. I'm on a 1 year placement and am due to finish the final semester of a Computer Games Programming degree in 2015.

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