Back into the flow

I’ve been in a real creative slump lately, by which I’m referring to the last 24 months or so.

Writing in particular has been a challenge for me. Any time I sit down at a computer and try to write something I draw a blank. On a few occasions I’ve tried to stick at it and work through it but its never turned out anything coherent.

I attribute this creative block to my job. I found myself spending my time writing teaching plans and english GCSE essays. The GCSE essays were stressful because I’m a obsessive perfectionist when it comes to that kind of thing, and the teaching plans were just exhausting generally because I’ve never done anything like that before.

Over the summer I spent very little time in doing any work-like tasks at all. It was a very busy summer of other activities.

I’m still working currently, all be it part time. I’ll be leaving this job in a few months and going to full time teacher trainee. University is all wrapped up as well I’m basically just waiting around for graduation. So aside from a bunch of indie projects that I have on the go my stress levels and work load are both pretty low.

Hopefully now, with a little determination on my part I can’t start exercising my atrophied writing muscles again and get back to the plan I had for this website which is more on the educational and professional experience sharing side of things.

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I'm a student developer living in the UK. I'm on a 1 year placement and am due to finish the final semester of a Computer Games Programming degree in 2015.

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