Sprint 3 Demo and Reflection

The investigation has gone better than I hoped. With only a little work I was able to implement a 3d perspective, 3 dimensional gravity and collisions.

I did come across a couple of problems that I’m going to seek advice on.
The Z frame buffer seems to be working in reverse. I’ve got some experience with depth checkers and I’m sure I’ve just got something backwards but I can’t find it.

I can’t figure out how to implement the chase camera. As soon as I have this I can look at implementing a better control system. I’m going to speak with my supervisor about it on Tuesday and go from there.

What I would do differently?
Nothing. I’m happy with the use and result of this sprint.

What did I learn?
A sprint aimed at research and planned experiments can be every but as productive as a sprint dedicated to implantation.

Sprint 3 Planning

Now that I’m getting a grip on this project I’m going to look at expanding into the 3rd dimension.
I’d initially abandoned the idea of doing this project in 3d due to the problems I was having using the framework. Now I’m thinking that I should give it a go.

So sprint 3 is going to be exploratory. I’m going to take a slightly XP approach and write a bunch of experimental throw-away code and see if I can’t get a hold on the Z axis. I’ll implement what I can and identify the things that are going to cause me trouble. Then speak to my supervisor about it all.