Sprint 4 Demo and Reflection

Sprint 4 Demo and Reflection

Implementation of the wind grid went much smoother than I expected, the grid is simply an array of points and a wind force value, each frame the position of the ship is tracked through those points and the corresponding wind value is applied in a specified direction. Currently the wind force is set to a value that increases as the ship gets further away it’s an excellent proof of concept. With a little more work the colour values from a perlin noise image would replace the wind force values and create a much more realistic and dynamic game experience. Currently the array is 2D but would easily update to 3D.

Implementing the 3D perspective is still proving to be a challenge.  I’m going to do another sprint dedicated to it’s implementation.

What I would do differently?
Nothing. I’m happy with the use and result of this sprint.

What did I learn?
I’m putting the success of this sprint down to the design. The trouble I had implementing the gravity was likely the result of a lack of good design. With the wind implantation I had a good clear design.

Sprint 4 Planning

It’s time to start with the wind model.
This is actually the initial idea behind the project and it was looking like I wasn’t going to be able to manage any aspect of it, which would have been a shame.

So I’m starting small. I’m going to get the grid working. This will be a simple grid in which the ships position will be tracked. Each element of the grid will have effects of the wind assigned to it.

It all seems very straight forward so hopefully it will be.

While I’m at it I’m going to try to complete the 3D implementation.